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Braces with missing teeth?

hey i have had braces for about 15 months im supposed to keep them for up to 24 months anyway the teeth on either side of my two front big teeth are missing so my orthodontist is pulling all of my teeth closer together so u cant notice the missing teeth but i%26#039;m soo worried that its not gonna look naturall because the teeth next to my two front teeth are pointy ( he said hes gonna file them down though ). anyone else ever have this situation ? he was gonna do implants but he said that it will look totally normal once finished but i%26#039;m still worried i really want perfect teeth thanks

Braces with missing teeth?
I dont have that exact problem but i have a similar one...I have WAY to much space in between my teeth...I have to keep my braces on and because when they get taken off there will be bunched up gums i have to get them laser removed...dont worry your gonna look great.
Reply:I haven%26#039;t heard of this being done, although I%26#039;m sure it%26#039;s possible. Does he have pictures of work like that he%26#039;s done in the past. My dentist was going to do some out of the ordinary work and he showed me pictures of the before and after from somebody else. I would also be hesitant. I%26#039;m sure it will look fine, but I dont%26#039; know if it will be %26quot;perfect%26quot;. If perfection is your goal I would go with the implants. It%26#039;s hard to fix the filed down teeth after it%26#039;s already done.
Reply:yeah, i had that problem. its not gonna look bad tho. its just gonna hurt a bit. your gonna need some tyalnol (or another pain killer) and alot of food you dont have to chew. like mashed potatoes, jello, pudding, ice cream. you know all that. just be prepared for it to hurt. but trust me once your teeth get filed down your gonna look great!
Reply:I have never had that problem but, I%26#039;m guessing that you are having nightmares. A little advise, let the Dr. do the work because then you are going to be worried about things that might happen. If it looks fake at the end then, worry.

Don%26#039;t worry. :)
Reply:Before you make a decision, I recommend that you get a second and third opinion, specifically from a cosmetic dentist in your local area if you%26#039;re concern how your teeth will look. A good cosmetic dentist should be able to tell you what all your options are, but also have your long-term health in mind. Don’t just go to a regular general dentist because it sounds that you are also concerned with the way your teeth look, which is what cosmetic dentists specifically look to do.

In a nutshell, from what I’ve learned in my similar situation, the ideal solution is to move your teeth to their natural position and go for implants where your natural incisors are. So rather than have your orthodontist pull your teeth forward, you may want to look into having your teeth pulled back to make room for implants (I believe you need at least 6mm of space). Having your teeth pulled foward may, like in my case create too much space to close and leaves the possibly that teeth will shift, especially if you don%26#039;t wear your retainer. Also, depending on the size of your K9s and incisors, they may look too big together to look natural.

You will probably be looking into veneers, implants, and/or bridges. You may need to develop a plan with your orthodontics to accommodate these possible solutions.

Improper treatment of your situation can result in jaw problems in the future and your teeth may begin grinding overtime in a way that may be unfavorable. If you are relatively young, take your time with this process because this concerns your health and look.

I am in a similar situation and did what your orthodontist is recommending, but I want perfect teeth like any other person would and his recommendation ended up complicating my situation more in terms of time and money spent. Also, there are plenty advances in dentistry to suggest that you have a variety of options.

I strongly urge you to get a second and third (and fourth and so on…) opinion from a cosmetic dentist. Beware as many dentists will claim to be cosmetic dentists, but you’ll want to find a dentist who actively participates in advanced training (beyond regular dental school) and affiliated with reputable cosmetic dentistry association. I personally met several cosmetic dentists for my situation (even Dr. 90210) and you begin to realize that there are better qualified dentists than the average. Keep in mind, as one dentist told me, cosmetic dentistry is like a religion and all of them claim their method/training is way to go, but in several cases, there are several approaches you can take.

When finding a dentist, look for those who have accreditation to organizations like the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). I looked at the credentials and affiliations of some dentists who I know were good (they’re usually listed on their websites, displayed certificates on their walls, or resume upon request), and searched for dentists who had similar accreditations. In my experience, there were several dentist who received advanced training with Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and/or Esthetic Professionals.

Also, if/when you meet with the cosmetic dentists, be sure to see some of the work they’ve done (photographs of cases they’ve worked on).

Be warned that most insurance don’t cover cosmetic procedures. So you may have to look into payment plans if necessary. Of course, it will come down to you what you want to pay, but I caution you to remember the old adage, you get what you pay for.

Do your shopping and educate yourself along the way. At the very least get a second and third opinion, and do lots of internet research when you shop and locate a doctor.

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