Thursday, April 16, 2009

Speaking of teeth: If Eve was perfect would she have had no teeth?

Did God grow them in as a punishment to Adam?

Speaking of teeth: If Eve was perfect would she have had no teeth?
Reply:How would she have bitten into the apple without teeth?
Reply:the punishment to Adam was her tongue, so that she could speak.

women haven%26#039;t shut up since.
Reply:May God strike you down
Reply:i just love them gummy kisses!! pmsl.
Reply:Teeth has no purpose to qualify someone as a Christian or non-christian, the same as fleas on a dog.
Reply:they would have all been %26#039;wisdom teeth%26#039;
Reply:Reform your question. It could not be understood and what do you mean by teeth. Preferably wrong choice of word
Reply:padwinlearner raises an interesting paradox when viewed in light with this question. if god gave eve her teeth as punishment to adam then eve biting into the apple was really the result of god%26#039;s vindictive nature. without the teeth there would not have been original sin..... hmmmmmm.....
Reply:This is an ignorant question to ask.

I just wanted to point out the the fact that nobody said Eve was perfect. There isn%26#039;t any scripture of that. I%26#039;m not going to jump on the %26#039;teeth%26#039; thing, but I will warn you to be careful of misquoting scripture and mocking the word of God. That isn%26#039;t prohibited and danger lurks for those to cross that line. Pray.


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