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Does everyone get their teeth taken out for braces?

im getting my teeth taken out in a week cuz im gettin braces.why do they take ur teeth out?my brother has teeth that stick out and he said hes not getting his teeth taken out!does every condition need their teeth taken out?after i take my braces out will my other teeth go into the place where i had my teeth taken out?im really curious and i really dont want to take them out..i guess i just want to if i want to have perfect teeth!

Does everyone get their teeth taken out for braces?
No not everyone who gets braces gets teeth removed. I got braces at 25 and no teeth removed. My son got braces at 12 and at 13 had to have 4 permanent teeth removed. My daughter got braces at 12 and had only one baby tooth removed. My youngest is 10, probably will get braces and probably won%26#039;t need any teeth removed. It%26#039;s important if they are baby or permanent. There%26#039;s nothing wrong with removing baby teeth for braces. You need to carefully (or you and your parents) consider removing permanent teeth - it can change the shape of your face; what happens if you loose other teeth later on; etc. We asked why my son couldn%26#039;t get a palette expander instead of removing the teeth, but the expander can only make the roof or top jaw bigger - you can never expand the bottom jaw and he had no room. Ask questions and go for a second opinion. Good luck!
Reply:Yeah I had to have quite a few out. It wasn%26#039;t fun, but my teeth look fine now.
Reply:i did years ago.. 2 of them , 1 on each side.

think about it.. braces push back teeth.. so need somewhere to push against..

alas my dentist was a cow bag, i broke my brace and couldn%26#039;t get a new one...
Reply:it varies for everyone with braces. some only have overbite and nice straight teeth. but in the end dont worry becuz it will all look nice =]
Reply:haha, the same thing happened to me! my brother was lucky and didnt have to get his teeth pulled out, while i did. I think its because me brothers teeth are spaced in his mouth better. I think they have to take the teeth out because you need to make room for the front teeth to be evenly spaced haha i guess the dentists know what they%26#039;re doing...i had two teeth pulled out, believe me, its not TOO, the perfect smile is rewarding afterwards!
Reply:Sometimes an orthodontist will shave off parts of teeth to make them narrower or even remove a tooth to make room for your new smile. It may just be that your mouth is %26quot;too crowded.%26quot; Talk to him about what he is going to do and why so you have a better understanding and feel more comfortable about it.
Reply:Not everyone needs to have teeth extracted, it depends on the severity of the tooth placement, your mouth size and sometimes even the orthodontist. Everyone%26#039;s case is different. Maybe your ortho foresees that having some teeth taken out will give further room for others when they become better aligned. Also, the human mouth does not actually use all of its teeth, which is why the wisdom teeth are extracted in some people. If you ever feel uneasy about a medical procedure, though, ask for a second opinion and talk to your parents (if you are underage). Good luck!!
Reply:I got four removed for my braces. It%26#039;s because their your baby teeth and there would be no reason to go through the pain and time to straighten them out when their just going to fall out anyways. Everyones teeth grow out at different times, but the chances are that they%26#039;ll leave the braces on until those teeth grow fully, then they will get braces too...and when everything is straight, you get your braces removed! :]
Reply:Oh deary, it%26#039;s not because your teeth are CROOKED that they are taking them out. It%26#039;s because they are ROTTEN! It%26#039;s the stench of decaying teeth that%26#039;s making an extraction necessary.

I recommend forgoing braces all together, since you%26#039;re not going to brush your teeth anyway.

Bright side? Dentures don%26#039;t rot
Reply:When I was younger a good friend of mine had braces. She also went through the ordeal of tooth extraction.

This is nothing to worry about. Your brother probably didn%26#039;t have any removed because the root system was still able to be adjusted or his teeth where remotely in the correct position.

Don%26#039;t worry you will have teeth in the end. Hers where actually attached to a retainer while her teeth where still shifting. Afterwards she received implants.

Discuss this with your orthodontist ask the Dr. all the questions that concern you. They are there to make your smile beautiful...and in the end its worth being a brace face because for the rest of your life your smile will be amazing.
Reply:I didnt get my teeth taken out when I got braces. My dentist told me that i would have to take out 4 of my teeth but I didnt want to so I went to another dentist to get another opinion. I had to wear separaters and this thing on the roof of my mouth for about 6months and that made enough space. So I wore that instead of taking out my teeth.

My friends had their teeth taken out and it looks perfectly fine. After a couple of months, your teeth go into those spaces and it looks nice. I think you should ask your dentist if there is any way around taking teeth out, but if there isnt, go for it because it%26#039;ll all be worth it in the end.
Reply:Not everyone. If space is needed to relief crowding of teeth, then yes.



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