Thursday, April 16, 2009

I got braces, but my teeth seem a bit less than perfect. Is this normal?

Most people probably couldn%26#039;t tell, but I see other people who have lovely teeth. I know mine are little off. And I had to offset my teeth a little to have my incisors touch. I expected much more for $4000.

I got braces, but my teeth seem a bit less than perfect. Is this normal?
If you are really concerned, I would get an opinion from two other Orthodontists and see what they say. Not eveyone%26#039;s teeth will come out looking perfect, but they should all be straight and line up with one another!
Reply:Well, you probably feel jipped, but it depends on what your problem was, how old your were, etc on what they can do. It is probably better, but it is normal for teeth not to be 100% perfect. If you really feel like there is a problem you should talk to your orthadontist or dentist.
Reply:it%26#039;s not a problem.don%26#039;t;s you,sexy darling
Reply:It%26#039;s normal to feel that your teeeth don%26#039;t %26quot;look normal%26quot; after braces. However, there are a couple of reasons they might not be the perfect shape.

1. You should be wearing your retainer regularly, even after you have stopped seeing your dentist. My dentist advised %26quot;until it no longer fits in your mouth%26quot;

2. Gum health can also cause your teeth to move. If your gums aren%26#039;t completely healthy, they soften, teeth move, it happens.

3. Remember your teeth are shaped to fit your mouth. There is no one standard, perfect shape, for all peoples mouths. If your mouth is a little be smaller, for instance, or your jaw is a little off set, your teeth might follow. Now, you%26#039;ll notice it sure, but nobody else in the world will.

The only time to worry is if there is a definate physical problem. For me, I have a tooth that is slowly twisting, but my dentist expected this. Thus the eternal retainer.


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