Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mexicans and good teeth?

There is a lot of Mexicans where I work. I don%26#039;t think they have insurance but I noticed every Mexican I meet has perfect teeth.

They are white and perfect straight.

Is it because the foods they eat have less sugar?

I am American and noticed we have more issues with teeth.

How do the Mexicans have such good teeth??

Mexicans and good teeth?
That is true bc my bf is mexican and I referred him to my family dentist that I have had for years, he got so many compliments from him stating they are beautiful and how mine suck. I think it is in their genes and all. I wish but I was a candy eater as a kid so now I am paying the price and have invisalign. He never needs that I hope our kids have the good teeth!
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Reply:They really do.. Every Mexican i know has perfectly straight and beautiful teeth.

Although there are some exceptions as with any race.

Asian people have some pretty f-ed up teeth. Some Caucasians do too..i actually saw this girl with a big gap and then her two huge buck teeth and BEHIND those, literally BEHIND there were two more teeth. How do you go years without getting that fixed?
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Reply:Lol i dont think i would get offended as one of the other has said but the reason we have such good teeth is because of our mothers They make us brush atleast 3 to 5 times a day. And it%26#039;s also out diet all of our meats and everything are fresh and things normal americans such as yourself wont or havent eaten such as Pig feer, (loaded with vitamins), Ox tails, cow brains. I know it sound gross but those are just some of the healthyest parts of an animal. They have the stuff that builds the enamel on your teet . and no our foods are not laess sugary.
Reply:So now we know why they have good teeth, but why do they all smell? hmm
Reply:They have great teeth. There are Asians where I work that have horrible teeth and some really, really, really funky breath. I think it is because Mexicans have more tooth brushes overall and greater access to calcium than Asians. Think about it....the Mexicans have queso fresco and that is pure magic.
Reply:I beleive the reason they have straighter teeth than many people here is because they are not a mixture of so many different nationalities as we are here. Consequently they are not as likely to inherit, for example, large teeth and a small mouth. The gene pool is much smaller, so the people%26#039;s teeth, like the other parts of their bodies, are more similar. Hmm...another consequence of our liberal immigration laws, crooked teeth. Their teeth are generally healthier because they don%26#039;t eat as much sweet junk food a we do.

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