Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whats wrong with my teeth?

i am 15 and havent been the dentist since i was about 6. Most of my teeth are white, as i have always brushed them twice a day. but some of my teeth are weird.. my two frount teeth are both white, with big white %26quot;spots%26quot; on them, and on one of the frount teeth there is a yellow stained spot. it%26#039;s been like this for as long as i can remember, my friends used to ask why my teeth were like this when i was about 9. Also the very bottom of my two frount teeth are almost %26quot;clear%26quot; - you can kinda see through them, theyre not white or anything. It%26#039;s hard to explain, it is like this on a few of my other teeth, but only noticable on my two frount teeth. Does anyone know what this is? can i get rid of the yellow %26quot;spot%26quot; in any way?

I want to go to the dentist, but i%26#039;m scared cuase ive never seen anything like this on anyone else before, and most other people my age have perfect teeth.

Whats wrong with my teeth?
Wow I thought I was one of a few people but I have this too. I went to the dentist and they told me it was some kind of a teeth defect. You need to go to the dentist they give you treatments to do and other procedures to go through. If you wait to long it might get worse....but you know it might not be what I%26#039;m talking about at all. You need to just go to the dentist :D
Reply:you need to see the dentist at least once a year


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