Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why do young actors and actresses never have braces and their teeth are soo perfect??

just wondering.


Why do young actors and actresses never have braces and their teeth are soo perfect??
People can get braces on their teeth facing toward the inside of their mouth. It cost more but i dont think celebs would have that problem. They could have also had them when they were young.
Reply:I`m guessing some of them use those clear braces things ya know?
Reply:How do you know they never had braces as a kid?

Or they just fix their teeth. They%26#039;ve got enough money to do so.
Reply:they probably use the clear braces or they get them fixed liek i think hillary duff did.
Reply:I%26#039;ve seen many of them pay a lot of money to have the clear braces (not InvisAlign), so all you see is teeth.
Reply:lots of people just never need them..
Reply:There is something called photoshop, or they wear invisaline braces (plastic, hard to see braces)
Reply:maybe they get lumineers
Reply:Young actors and actresses do wear braces and sometimes they%26#039;re visible and sometimes they%26#039;re the invisible kind.

Reply:They do. It%26#039;s just that they don%26#039;t shoot any movies during that time. Some movies take a while to come out so you never notice that the actor/actres haves%26#039;t done anything in awhile.
Reply:well they could have invisiline or what ever it is.
Reply:well they could do something at night like A head gear or do those invisible braces.or they do you just don%26#039;t ever see them while they are
Reply:dakota fanning has braces... but she is the only young actress that i have ever noticed to have them.
Reply:I think really famous and rich actors and actresses just get their teeth straitened and bleached at the doctor%26#039;s. ( a really guarded one! )
Reply:VENEERS. Some people may think that most actors and actresses are born with perfect teeth but theyre not. Some of the actors and actresses you see on TV and Film, in the magazines etc... with their perfect smiles arent their natural teeth. They have Veneers placed over their natural teeth to give them that perfect movie star smile. Actors and Actresses spends tens of thousands of dollars having cosmetic surgery done on their teeth by the best and top orthodonists in hollywood to perfect their smiles. Bleaching, Veneers, Lumineers, Braces, etc and so on.......
Reply:had it be 4
Reply:I am guessing the director was the one that chose the kids that were like that to be in the movie/show and didnt choose the kids with the cricked teeth.

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