Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have sensitive teeth ALL THE TIME (for the past year!)?

I have had sensitive teeth for nearly two years and the pain has only gotten worse. I have seen four different dental practices and the pain has now become so bad that I can%26#039;t talk outside as if the cold hits my teeth I would just die from the pain. I use sensodyne on a daily basis plus those desensitising gels, none of which have worked in the slightest and I%26#039;m really scared I might loose all of my teeth as the pain I feel on a daily basis/every second of the day cannot be normal. No dentist seems to be able to help me and when I vist a dentist they just say, %26quot;oh you have perfect teeth%26quot; and that they cannot find anything wrong in the X-ray. It%26#039;s so annoying and I really need a cure now - I think I could lose my husband also as when we have a conversation sometimes I just wave my hand to get him to stop talking because if I have to answer him the pain hurts so much. Someone help me please - I really need help.

I have sensitive teeth ALL THE TIME (for the past year!)?
Well, I know how annoying it is for a doctor to ignore the reason you are seeing him. You didn%26#039;t know you had %26quot;perfect teeth?%26quot; Gee, thanks, but I%26#039;m here because THEY HURT LIKE HELL ALL THE TIME!!! I guess then they will just tell you to calm down, but maybe you%26#039;d get their attention. I wonder if they do that because they really don%26#039;t know what%26#039;s wrong and they don%26#039;t want to seem stupid.

The only thing I can think of is if you have whitened your teeth in that time? I used that paint on stuff and they all hurt like heck for a while and I had to skip my sensitive tooth.

Maybe if you went to a dental school and got an appointment there they might have more of a clue because they%26#039;re learning. I%26#039;m sorry but I don%26#039;t know what else to suggest. Good luck!
Reply:if you have already been to your dentist then i have only one thing to sugest which is use a sensitive tooth paste like sensodineit really helps and is relitivly cheap.

hope you cure your sensitive teeth soon

Reply:keep the paste on your teeth for atleast 2 minutes before brushing them,but i am suprised that if 4 dentists didnt find something wrong it might be a neurological problem.get it checked out from that angle

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