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Is brushing your teeth too often bad? please help!?

Okay i just got braces about 4 days ago. The ortho said to make sure I brush my teeth after each meal. They gave me 2 b4 and after pictures. one is of a person who didnt clean their teeth well and the other is someone who cleaned them well while they had braces. The one who didnt brush right permanent damage %26amp; it was gross. The other person had beautiful perfect teeth.

I was talking to someone today who said brushing too often is bad bc it can wear away your that true?

Has anyone recently got their braces off?---any damage?

Thank you!

Is brushing your teeth too often bad? please help!?
brushing too much for years and years (like 20 or more) is bad, brushing after every meal and even more when you have on braces is GOOD!

don%26#039;t worry about it for the few years you have on your braces.

also, you DO want to brush your gums and teeth, not just your teeth. a little of the brush on the gums and a little on the teeth. otherwise you will get gingivitis.

however do not SCRUB your gums, just to gentle vibrations.

good luck!
Reply:ur fine. ull b ok. i had braces and brushed twice a day and i survived
Reply:dont brush your gums and u should be fine.
Reply:I don%26#039;t think so- it might be bad on your toothbrush though :)
Reply:You won%26#039;t have any teth left if you brush too much
Reply:well you should always follow what your doctors say but brushing them too much can wear down both your enamel and make your gums irritated.
Reply:Okay as long as you brush correctly. Do not erode your gums. Brush the teeth near the gums carefully.
Reply:there is nothing wrong with brushing your teeth often!

just dont scrub your gums like crazy..if they start beeding then you%26#039;ve got some problems lol
Reply:do brush them as u were told , its important

the person who told u it was bad is also correct however u will be ok as long as u don%26#039;t brush them too hard and use a soft tooth brush
Reply:i dont have braces, but i dont think brushing your teeth will wear away your gums. thats sounds silly. just listen to your doctor, and brush after meals, thats all. GOOD LUCK.
Reply:You can errode your enamel doing it too much, plus you can make your gums recede and that%26#039;s bad b/c if your roots are exposed they will be very sensitive
Reply:Brush throughly and gently. Don%26#039;t damage your gums.

I never had braces, so I can%26#039;t answer that part.
Reply:when i had them i brushed my teeth either once at night or in the morning and night and my teeth came out really nice but overbrushing wont hurt
Reply:Yes. It%26#039;s true.

No. I don%26#039;t really have any damage.

And I believe that you will only wear away at your gums if you brush your gums. If you just brush your teeth and swipe a little bit by your gums then you shouldn%26#039;t have anything to worry about.
Reply:no ull be fine

im getting mine off in two weeks :D looking forward to it but a little scared
Reply:Yes, it is bad for your teeth and can cause gum diease for your gums...
Reply:no thats definitely not tru i had my braces on for 4 years. and i brushed my teeth 3 times a day and sometimes even more. i brushed after every food i ate my teeth turned out perfectly fine and now wear %26amp; tear on my gums :-D
Reply:Normally brushing too much can erode your gums (it happened to me and now my teeth are way longer than they should be and at danger of falling out), but with braces you can%26#039;t really get as close to the gums anyway. And your teeth can get really badly stained if you don%26#039;t brush the right way when you have braces. I still think it%26#039;s quality over quantity though. I wouldn%26#039;t brush more than 3 times a day but make sure you%26#039;re doing it right!
Reply:no it is not true not doing it often enough is bad


Reply:My friend is a dental assistant and she actually told me she%26#039;s had many patients come in that had brushed way too often. Their gums were not in the best shape and were having a hard time healing. Brushing your teeth after meals is great, but she says to be careful, by not brushing your teeth/gums too hard. You%26#039;ll probably be ok with brushing your teeth about 3 times a day, maybe 4.
Reply:brushing ur teeth to much can wear down the gums... i just got my braces off and i only brushed twice a day nd i was fun my teeth just wasnt as white as they were b4.

the site gives u some pointers on brushing and flossing
Reply:Just do what your ortho reccomends. Use a soft toothbrush so you don%26#039;t hurt your gums.
Reply:yes, you can brush too hard, and do damage to your teeth. My mom was a fanatic about brushing her teeth, rinsing and flossing... we were all shocked when she had to have a root canal.

Its caused by long term hard brushing...its not the pressure on the tooth that gets it clean, its the throrough coverage that gets the cra* off.
Reply:I%26#039;m not a dentist but I know that brushing your teeth with rough bristles- the wrong way can damage your gums and cause your gumline to drop. Definitely try to brush your teeth in the morning and the night, and after every meal when your wearing braces. Try to avoid foods that really leave stuff stuck in your gums like corn and apples. Use soft or medium bristles and floss regularly once you get the braces off. I wore braces a long time ago and never suffered any damage. I also wore a retainer and it worked great. Getting braces was well worth the aesthetic and to maintain healthy teeth.
Reply:you cant brush ur teeth too much, ecpecially it braces
Reply:Brushing plenty times is good for you.

Just make sure you aren%26#039;t brushing too hard and make sure you are not brushing the gums.

The gums are not teeth.

But always listen to you%26#039;re orthodontist.
Reply:Brushing your teeth too often, if done properly, will no do you harm, if anything, your teeth will be cleaner. But you have to do it carefully and the right way, with the right soft-bristled toothbrush, making sure you don%26#039;t brush too hard or too rough. I also recommend that you brush with toothpaste that doesn%26#039;t have harsh ingredients. Therabreath toothgel has aloe vera which is nature%26#039;s tissue soother. It is great for the gums and sensitive teeth. It doesn%26#039;t have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a harsh detergent found in most toothpastes that can cause canker sores. It also has OXYD-8 which is a powerful oxygenator that effectively attacks and neutralizes the volatile sulfurous compounds that cause bad breath odors and bitter tastes. It goes perfectly with Therabreath Oral Rinse, which is non alcoholic and has oxyd 8 as well. These are very gentle products and great for use if you brush all the time. Get more info at
Reply:brush twice , more important in the nights. After every meal garggle.

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