Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can braces make teeth longer?

I used to have perfect teeth but a couple of years ago I chipped my front tooth and my dentist shaved them both of them down to match. Now my teeth appear too short and it%26#039;s very upsetting. I don%26#039;t want veneers because other then the legnth of my front teeth they are in good shape and I definitely don%26#039;t want them shaved down anymore then they%26#039;ve already been! I%26#039;m not sure about bonding because my dentist said that it wouldn%26#039;t last long on my front teeth.

So now I%26#039;m wondering if braces or a retainer could possibly help? Can braces pull teeth down further out of the gum to make them appear longer ( I%26#039;m only talkin like 1-2mm).

Can braces make teeth longer?
if its only a little bit more length your looking for then dont even think about braces! they hurt, and they are meant to straighten, not lengthen, your teeth. Try getting a special toothbrush from your dentist. one of the skinny ones used to stimulate your gums. it helps the stay at the proper size.

After you added more info:

you would certainly have to make an appointment with an orthodontist to see if it would be able to get braces. Some might say no mainly because your teeth do not need to be straightened.

added: thsi is generally what kind of problem are had in order to get braces: (my teeth before braces) (general problems)
Reply:yes, braces can pull teeth down, but you need to make sure that you have tooth to move down. what i mean is, your gum line hides the root of your tooth which is skinnier than the part of the tooth you actually see. my suggestion would be to have a consultation with an orthodontist, this is usually free of charge. they will let you know what options you may have. good luck.
Reply:no, braces aren%26#039;t meant to lengthen down the teeth. But, if your teeth tend to be up higher, such as your canine, in those cases, it can be used to lengthen the teeth.They can also lengthen the arch of your mouth to a wider rather than narrow size.

if you are looking into wanting lengthier teeth, you can consider getting cosmetic gum surgery, which will cut some excess gum tissue from above the teeth to make them appear larger.

Or instead of bonding, you can get veneers, which is a more sturdy and longer-lasting way than bondings, but costier.


no,there is no effective way to pull your teeth down, that is rather a bad decision to do. Your teeth will come out of the socket, no procedures offer to pull your teeth down from a spot where they are already as far down as can be.
Reply:Are your teeth level? By this I mean that the central incisors are supposed to be a little bit longer than the lateral incisors. If the teeth are shorter, then, certainly, it would likely be OK to have the central incisors brought down a little bit.

There is a little bit of the crown that is covered by the gums. We lengthen teeth with braces all the time this way. However, if the teeth are already level, then the dentist should check how much of the gum is covering the crown. Sometimes teeth look short because there is too much gum covering the tooth. A simple procedure of shaping the gum with electrosurgery gives the appearance of a longer tooth.

It is really important that the dentist determines which of these procedures can be performed for you. If neither is an alternative, then veneers or lumineers is your only other choice.



  1. Of course not! there is no way that it's possible to get bigger teeth by trying to rotate and reposition your teeth. maybe it's some kind of optical illusion that you see, but your teeth will not be able to grow more dentin, pulp, enamel, etc.

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