Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where can I hire a professional nail biter, my teeth are too perfect to do it myself?

Oh, come now, you know I am at your beck and call for such things. Besides, I have seen the error of my ways and the pain of straying to an imperfect woman. Let me sharpen up my incisors for you.

Where can I hire a professional nail biter, my teeth are too perfect to do it myself?
The unemployment office
Reply:lame, oh so lame
Reply:The nail salon.
Reply:Thats nasty!!!!!!
Reply:id try the job center or try boots for a pair of nail clippers lol !
Reply:No such thing
Reply:My teeth suck and I%26#039;ve been biting my nails since I could chew. I%26#039;m your girl!

your boyfriend lol
Reply:thats disgusting and selfish get a 99 cent nail clipper.
Reply:Me!! i%26#039;ll do it!!
Reply:just use a file
Reply:1. 2. 3. Not it!!
Reply:Go to, you will find what you need.
Reply:Well, you may well be on the correct site. But be careful what you wish for...
Reply:i%26#039;ll do it!
Reply:yellow pages.
Reply:how much will you pay me?


umm, are you serious???

try yellow or something
Reply:Hmmmm . . . judging from your picture, I%26#039;d be HAPPY to bite YOUR nails! wink, wink!!
Reply:I will bite ur nails
Reply:lol oh nice.. hmm i%26#039;m a nail bitter, but i wouldn%26#039;t be willing to touch anyone%26#039;s dirty nails unless you offered a very high price. Hmm.. hundred each bite and i%26#039;ll be there everyday just make sure you steralize them.
Reply:haha! even if i hired a pro nail biter, i would keep on biting them;s an awful habit!
Reply:A Nail Clinic But There Quite Exspensive Depends Were Yeww Live And Were Yew Live And What Price Yeww Want I Dont Understand Babe x ♥ღ♥Caseey♥ღ♥
Reply:I am sure, there are people out there that are willing to pay you, to let them do it.
Reply:If you want to avoid paying all those annoying employees fees like unemployment, liability insurance and ssi do what I do,

just drag your fingers along the street as you drive to work in the morning.
Reply:That is a lame question...X-/
Reply:How much does the job pay and will I have to wear a leash and collar?
Reply:I bite nails, and all of mine are down to nothing. I have about a week until they grow back. If you are interested,I will tell you where you can mail me an envelope filled with your nail clippings so%26#039;s I can snack on them. Thanks,

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