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How much of a factor is straight teeth in attraction?

Can you be attractive but have crooked/chipped teeth? I have a bit of an underbite, and my wisdom teeth have made my top row crooked in the front. Additionally, I%26#039;ve had a chipped tooth in the front that was never a big deal before, but now that that particular tooth is pushed out a bit, I%26#039;m more conscious of my smile. I haven%26#039;t had the money to go to an orthodontist yet (but I%26#039;m working on it). I%26#039;ve had plenty of girlfriends, and I have been told that I am a pretty attractive guy... but I can%26#039;t seem to get over the teeth thing.

I look around at all my friends, and they all have very straight, white teeth. I feel like this is the only thing keeping me from truly attracting the women I want to attract, despite all the rest (personality, eyes, whatever other superficial factors play a part in attracting someone). I feel like this is a huge part in that, especially in our American society where perfect teeth seems to be a norm...

How much of a factor is straight teeth in attraction?
Straight teeth is not the only thing women like. There are lots of qualities women look for. If you are generally well-kept in your appearance and grooming, tooth crowding is not that big a deal. Straight teeth are nice and if you find yourself in the position to get them straightened go for it. But don%26#039;t discount yourself on your teeth only. They are only part of the bigger picture. And please smile like you mean it. Covering up your mouth looks like you have something to hide. There%26#039;s nothing more attractive than a genuine smile.
Reply:funny teeth feel better when she gives oral sex can be quite a difference maker with some people. Go find a good dentist and get it fixed...
Reply:I%26#039;ve surely never had a problem with guys with crooked teeth, i%26#039;d surely rather crooked teeth than no teeth- or even worse- BAD BREATH!
Reply:It really depends on the person. For some people, perfect teeth are part of their attraction to a person, for others it doesn%26#039;t matter. The thing is, if you are uncomfortable with your teeth then you should fix them - if you are okay with them then find someone who is attracted to you the way you are.
Reply:I have crooked teeth also but it doesn%26#039;t seem to bother any boys in my school
Reply:You just answered your own question. Teeth matter on an unconscious level and you can prove it to yourself.

Until you get your teeth fixed, you won%26#039;t know what you are missing. Just look at your past track record on who you%26#039;ve been attracting before and then after.

Unconsciously, human beings determine someones overall health for future generations.

So, you do what you feel you need to do.
Reply:i have had not-so-beautiful teeth i am one who looks at teeth a lot. most girls probably wouldnt care. if u have had girlfriends, they must not have cared. but save up ur money and u can get it fixed later on. dont worry about something u cant obtain now. if it makes u feel self concious then fix it. teeth dotn make that much of a difference, people are proabbly used to u the way u r :)
Reply:Relax! If you think its a complex, then I%26#039;ll be! If you are an attractive person with charm, then you shoul;dn%26#039;t worry a lot about your teeth. If a girl really likes you she could %26quot;pass over%26quot; your teeth. Still the best is to go o %26quot;repair%26quot; them, but if you have no money (yet), then you could at least buy some whitening stuff for you teeth, it%26#039;ll make them look nicer, this still you can afford to make them straight and how you would like. Oh, there are some girls who are crazy about white-perfect-straight teeth, but remember90% of the girls would like to have a nice, attractive, charming guy with dredful teeth than an ugly, humorless, antypatic guy with brilliant super-star teeth!
Reply:This is your self image of yourself and not necessarily what others feel. As long as you feel self conscious about yourself, you will project that image to others. It%26#039;s not your teeth that is holding you back it is your self perception. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you have a beautiful soul you are beautiful. If it bothers you that much you might want to get them fixed. I have crooked teeth and I want them just the way they are. If I ever get murdered and they are looking for my body they will be able to identify me without a problem. They make me unique. They make me me.
Reply:i never really used to notice a smile for the teeth so much until mine started getting noticed..and now.. i love a good smile, but a good smile does not necessarily mean perfectly straight/white teeth..

i can be with someone with not perfect teeth, but if it is so jacked up that it makes me want to puke at the thought of coming near it.. i think cricked teeth is one thing, but really nasty stained teeth is another thing. it%26#039;s automatically associated with bad hygeine..and now that there are umpteen million kinds of whitening cream out there it%26#039;s like %26quot;dude use it%26quot; when you see someone with NASTY yellow stains.. yeah, it bothers me..and i think it%26#039;s also how it sits on a person.

i was with a guy who had some teeth that were really jacked up on the top..but for some reason it worked for him.. and i liked it..i think mostly b/c it didnt%26#039; bother him

so basicaly what i%26#039; saying.. is have confidence. don%26#039;t be afraid to smile!! the confidence will win you over..
Reply:sorry to say but alot of people judge you based on your smile, girls,jobs,etc... it%26#039;s hard to seem appealing to other people with a bad smile. I am a dental assistant though and they have these things that look like a full set of teeth that you just place over your real teeth and there you have a hollywood smile very inexpensive.
Reply:I really depends on how you smile and what really shows when you do. I think the most important thing is that they are clean and white. It is much easier to look over the crookedness if all else is kept up. Having said that, if they are way jacked up, then I would start saving.
Reply:well good teeth is a definite plus.

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