Thursday, April 16, 2009

First impressions on guys teeth?

Basically my teeth aren%26#039;t perfect. They aren%26#039;t shiny or clear like al lot of guys. I have one friend whose teeth are a little less white than mine, but his are straight. I think I%26#039;d be more confident if I had straight teeth at least because then I could use white out or something. Having gaps in your teeth isn%26#039;t cheaply fixed. I was wondering if a girl would date a guy with teeth not as nice as hers. And, don%26#039;t lie about it. I%26#039;m sick of reading about stories he had %26quot;perfect teeth%26quot; or when I see toothpaste commercials and someone smiling real big I kind of just turn around and cower. I had great self esteem before I started noticing this. I think this is what keeps me away from relationships. I%26#039;m 18 now and I want a girlfriend again, but I just don%26#039;t feel like I%26#039;d be worth it to someone.

First impressions on guys teeth?
As long as a guys teeth are clean (i.e not covered in plaque or with food stuck in) it doesn%26#039;t really matter. I accept that people drink beverages and eats certain foods that cause teeth to take yellowy appearance.

If anyone judges you souly by whether or not your teeth are perfectly straight and white, then they%26#039;re not worth either knowing let alone dating.
Reply:It doesn%26#039;t matter that you don%26#039;t have perfect teeth...all that matters is that you stay confident in yourself and that you are a nice person....i wouldn%26#039;t not date a guy just because he didn%26#039;t have perfect teeth.....It%26#039;s only the mean girls that do that!!

Hope i helped you and that you get nice girlfriend :)
Reply:I have a little gap in my front teeth because my teeth have moved. So I went to an orthodontist to talk to him about what I can do. There are things you can do of course.

Then he showed me his front teeth. They had an even bigger gap. Well that didn%26#039;t stop him. He had a successful career, wife, family and even grandchildren and he was a super great guy!

You probably can get something cheap to whiten your teeth. I heard some people actually try plain hydrogen peroxide. My teeth are too sensitive right now for any whitening, but you sound young so it should work for you.

Don%26#039;t worry, you will find a girl for you.
Reply:In my opinion teeth are the biggest thing I look for in a guy,

so get braces!

and in 1 or 2 years they%26#039;ll be good like all your friends are!

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