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Can anti depressents ruin your teeth?

I always had perfect teeth. Everyone always complimented me on how straight and white my teeth were. When I turned 21 my teeth started to go rotten now i%26#039;m 25 and i probably have the worst teeth out ot the people my age in this world. I don%26#039;t get it because I always brushed, flased and went to the dentist every six months for a cleaning. I can%26#039;t go to the dentist because I have no insurance and it%26#039;s way to expensive. I suffered from depression from the age of 14 and have always been on different anti depressents. Can these types of pills ruin your teeth? I also have overdosed a lot in the past and had to drink a lot of charcol can charcol ruin a persons teeth? I can%26#039;t think of any other reason for my teeth being so horrible.

Please don%26#039;t make fun I only want serious answers.


Can anti depressents ruin your teeth?
Antidepressants are one of the leading drug classes that can have a side-effect of dry-mouth. Dry mouth will ruin your teeth faster than anything else I can think of. What kind of drugs are you overdosing on? That could very well be your problem too. Many illegal drugs will also cause dry mouth, especially smoking meth. Bottom line is that it is very possible that a prescribed medication or illegal drug is ruining your teeth by causing dry mouth. The charcoal is not doing anything.
Reply:I%26#039;m not sure about anti depressants but i do know that some medications have side effects like having a dry mouth and less saliva and that means less natural cleansing of bacteria from the mouth, more cavity causing bacteria may be a part of your problem due to a side effect of drymouth from your pills. I think paying for prevention such as adental cleaning is going to save you money in the long run. Cleanings help prevent cavities as we cant remove every bit of plaque and hardened plaque or tartar can only be removed with an instrument by a hygienist not at home with your toothbrush. Fillings cost a LOT more than a cleaning and if you go for regular cleanings combined with good home oral care you will need a lot less fillings and save yourself a lot of money and you will look and feel good too.

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