Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deseases that make healthy teeth fall out..?

is there some rare deseases that makes healthy teeth fall out i have a best friend whom been having problems with severe jaw pain she would say it felt just like a toothache so she thought it was just that but she had no signs of decayed teeth she had perfect teeth only around th gum area looks reddish and tender she went out for dinner and she said she bite down into a piece of steak and two of her teeth were stuck in the steak so she made an dentist appt.. and was told that she had a very rare gum condtion 6 of her back teeth were decayed at the root the surface looked healty but the root was decayed and therefore thats where the pain was comming from they removed them and now tryin some preventive measures to save the rest so i am askin is there some oral deseases that attack the gum root and destroy them i was shocked i never heard of it but it was true i seen here diagnosies papers ist true if u have a simpler problems pls give me ur input thanks...

Deseases that make healthy teeth fall out..?
being diabetic, the roots of the teeth die because they dont get enough blood then a perfectly good tooth falls out.
Reply:is she doing drugs?
Reply:Diabetes will make teeth fall out sometimes ,so will a kick in the mug by a mule. My advice is to brush twice a day , floss and don%26#039;t worry about it.
Reply:I have healthy teeth, but the dentist said that I need to pay more attention to my gums. Gingivitis can cause those symptoms and yes it can cause your teeth to fall out. Gingivitis can be very painful and it does cause the gums to rot so much that your teeth fall out. Another thing that can cause this believe it or not is diabetes.

I don%26#039;t know that this is so helpful. Those are the only two things I can think of. maybe try a google search under rare gum diseases and see what you can find. This is making my teeth hurt just thinking about it.

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