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Can bad teeth cause skin problems? This is long...but I need help.?

About 5 years ago, the tops of my teeth started hurting at my gums. No decaying at that time. My dentist would always tell me I had perfect teeth. Then this pain and the dentist said the separation was occurring because I was getting older and the gums recede. So I just dealt with the pain for the longest time.

Well, at this time, I started getting this rash at my ankles seeming to be at each hair.

Went to dozens of doctors who had me try different things, to no avail. The rash has spread up my legs to above my knees and now on my forearms to above my elbows - lower extremities. The last skin specialist I went to told me I had some %26quot;unknown disease%26quot; and gave me a photocopy of scripts that he evidently dishes out when he doesn%26#039;t know what he%26#039;s dealing with. I went to my car and cried and never had those scripts filled, for obvious reasons. Anyway, my teeth started getting really bad, decaying at a high rate. My %26#039;new%26#039; dentist told me it was caused by my ashma medication [puffer] and from drinking soda. I stopped the soda. The rash has not changed. It of course itches so bad and is painful. I wake up to myself scratching my legs so bad that they bleed. I%26#039;ve tried all kinds of meds, all kinds of doctors. I%26#039;ve tried the anti-itch meds, internal, external, anti-biotics, natural remedies like oatmeal baths, etc.

I%26#039;ve been having my teeth done slowly, due to work schedule, sick Dad and money, I%26#039;m not able to get them done as quickly as I want.

I just need to know if anyone has ever come across a bad teeth and skin problems relationship.

I have a friend that almost had brain surgery because every doctor blamed her massive headaches and infection in her blood due to something in her brain. Ended up she had a

major tooth infection that had spread to her body, but had never given her any pain to warrant it to be checked out.

Just need some help, if anyone can.

It%26#039;s 90 degrees out and I%26#039;m wearing long pants and shirts. And....yes, I had a blood workup. Doc said everything showed up fine. No problems showing for anything.

Just trying to find out if the skin problem could be linked to the teeth problem.

Can bad teeth cause skin problems? This is long...but I need help.?
since you already have asthma, i would suggest you go in for in-depth allergy testing. it sounds to me more like you have severe allergy rashes than some of the other things you have mentioned. if your blood is clear of infection, then i doubt it is from your teeth. i would try the allergy testing- that doctory can tell you pretty quickly if it is NOT allergies. and if not, he should be able to point you in the right direction. best of luck to you--grmmynet
Reply:Remember an infection usually is accommodated with a fever which I assume you do not have. So no virus is present from what I have gathered or bacteria but always brush your teeth thoroughly and don%26#039;t chew tobacco, smoke anything, or drink acidic beverages or basic liquids. I don%26#039;t think it is cancer because your doctor will catch that quickly and mouth cancer shows little symptoms, check your mouth for medium to large white postules along the linnings or your gums, black lumps are also a bad sign. Always take a daily supplement like Centrum or other vitamins, many mineral and vitamin deficincies affect the mouth areas. Feel the texture of the rash to determine what it could be, is it flaky or rough? You need to provide more details than a rash but from all of the information you have given me I have to conclude that you are allergic to something, it could be the aspirator you use for asthma or even your toothpaste, foods, the list goes on go to your doctor and request a %26quot;scratch test%26quot; which tests you for different allergies by nicking your blood with the chemicals to see if and how you react. Good Luck, if all else fails switch your deit to simple foods: breads, chicken, water, oats, and simple foods with little perservatives and very little ingredients for sometime to see if your condition improves.
Reply:I would definately go for an allergy test and get a 2nd dermatologists opinion. you said you have asthma right so I would think back to when the rash started, did your family/regular doctor change any of your medications? it could have even been so much as a week before you started showing symptoms from the new asthma meds and you might not even think to link the two together, i certainly didn%26#039;t when I broke out in a rash all over my face and neck from an allergic reaction to an inhaler in fact that was the last thing I thought could be causing a rash we tried all kinds of creams from acne cream to antibiotic cream (all prescribed) it was about a month later when my doctor and I even realized it was the asthma meds doing it (I was about 15 so that%26#039;s the typical acne age and we thought nothing of all these creams etc. in fact thats even what the rash looked like was acne so that also threw us for a loop) Anyways I would definately get a 2nd or even 30th opinion until someone can diagnose you correctly and not just prescribe you meds for something they even admit to you they have no for the itching I will try and find you a website I use that may be able to give you some new things to are a few sites you should check over it looks like the one could help you dianose what kind of rash it is.....if all else fails head to the ER there may be someone there who could better dianose you I have done this a couple of times and it%26#039;s almost better than your normal doc because often there is more than one doctor on call in the ER and sometimes if one of them doesn%26#039;t know what it is the other one might....if you go just tell them the truth that the itching and pain is unbearable and you have tried everything in the past week, month, year etc. but nothing works

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