Thursday, April 16, 2009

One flaw on the otherwise perfect woman...bad cellulite or nasty teeth?

If you had to pick one which would it be?

One flaw on the otherwise perfect woman...bad cellulite or nasty teeth?
bad cellulite.. cause nasty teeth are... well... nasty!
Reply:if her teeth are clean and just a lil messed up id take that. I have kind of english teeth myself.
Reply:Avoid rock sandwiches. Bad cellulite.
Reply:nasty teeth . you can fix that :)

cellulite goes away . but u still have nasty scars
Reply:I%26#039;m not a guy but if I was a guy i would say cellulite because you can always have her work out and burn it off. But nasty teeth. Well she%26#039;ll have to get fake teeth put on or something.
Reply:bad cellulite (at least it%26#039;s covered up)
Reply:If I were a guy I would rather want a girl with bad cellulite because I love to make out and it would be gross if they had nasty teeth...
Reply:bad cellulite, (I%26#039;m a straight girl btw but I felt like answering) you can always help her get over her weight issue if she%26#039;s willing to try but bad teeth are just a hygienal issue and so she%26#039;s probably not very into the rest of her body either which means she%26#039;ll get lazy and will result in having bad cellulite, make sense? maybe not.
Reply:When you say nasty, do you mean crooked or like yellow and such?

If you mean crooked then I would go with the teeth.

This is if I were a guy
Reply:nasty teeth because i could take her to get them pulled ! cellulite well that%26#039;s a diffrent story !
Reply:it could be either one and i wouldn%26#039;t care, but if i absolutely had to choose it would be %26quot;nasty teeth%26quot;, probably out of love for the female form itself (sensually and sexually)

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