Thursday, April 16, 2009

Imperfect teeth?

can people actually like somone without perfect teeth ie perfectly straight no caviites have every tooth even ones that don%26#039;t grow sometimes, perfectly white and perfect smile?

Imperfect teeth?
yeah! nobody can actually have perfect teeth! you must have some flaws!?
Reply:Looks are the last thing that sets a successful relationship. I don%26#039;t know you, but I feel comfortable saying that you are a beautiful person in your own right and you should not be worried about what people think of your teeth.
Reply:Think of it this way-would you want to be with someone who was with you because of your teeth? Sounds pretty insecure and unloving to me. If they can%26#039;t handle %26quot;imperfect%26quot; teeth then I wouldn%26#039;t envy their partner because being human means being imperfect in many ways.

As for perfection-in the eye of the beholder, isn%26#039;t it. Personally, I find pearly white teeth to look like chicklets.
Reply:Die crooked teeth die!!! LOL how u like that!!!
Reply:Of COURSE! Perfect doesn%26#039;t exist, but both me %26amp; my girl Iris have nice teeth cuz of braces (but we got a few fillings).


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