Thursday, April 16, 2009

Would you date the "perfect someone" with NASTY teeth (mouth full of corn nuts!)?

If he has nasty teeth he is not my perfect someone...My perfect someone cares enough for me and himself to brush, floss, see a dentist LOL

Would you date the %26quot;perfect someone%26quot; with NASTY teeth (mouth full of corn nuts!)?
No. Simple. NO!

Run away fast!
Reply:no i wouldnt because i would be scared to kiss him afraid my breath would start kickin
Reply:Sure, that can be fixed with about $2500.

Chemistry can%26#039;t be bought.
Reply:id love to!! but i cant seem so mean..%26lt;im working on this prob.%26gt; but maybe if someone is attracted to that or isnt caring about someones appearance plain desperate..i guess they would date%26#039;em///but i wouldnt.
Reply:Hell no, Dats nasty as hell....He wouldnt be perfect if he had nasty teeth....
Reply:Only if they started cleaning their teeth. Tell them they need to take better care of their teeth because it is turning you off.
Reply:Nobody%26#039;s perfect, idiot.
Reply:I would %26quot;tell the perfect%26quot; someone that he needs to see a dentist.There is no other way if you really like this person and think there are possibilities, plus even if not you will be doing him a favor! He probably already knows but hearing it will maybe make him realize how it affects other people. Be kind tho when %26quot;discussing %26quot;it with him!!

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