Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teeth Injury, HELP NEEDED?

during bball practice today, someone ran into me and their forehead slammed against my front teeth.. my lip is bleeding and the right front tooth aches a bit...


1) aches

2) feels numb

3) hurts when i bite regularly... it may have been knocked out of place A LITTLE bit but it still looks fine (i have perfect teeth)

any advice on what to do? shud i put ice on it? rinse my mouth with salt water if that will help?

any1 been in this situation before? howd it turnd out and did u go to a dentist? what did u do to help it

Teeth Injury, HELP NEEDED?
It may heal itself?? try not to bite on it for a few days %26amp; wait %26amp; see. If the nerve dies?? the tooth will turn dark %26amp; will require a rt canal %26amp; a crown. This would take some time to occurr weeks or months to happen. If you get a lot of swelling go to your dentist for antibiotics. Bout all you can do right now!! Good luck. DR Walker
Reply:sounds like an infection is already festering, its too late but to go to the doctor. lil miss perfect teeth
Reply:Things to check for - Go get a recent good picture of you smiling and compare your teeth to now. Tap your teeth together and see if the injured tooth feels like it hits first. It shouldn%26#039;t be hurting when you bite down.

The best idea is to go to your dentist immediately to have it looked at, and possibly repositioned and set before it sets on its own out of position.

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