Thursday, April 16, 2009

I want movie star teeth. I know it will cost. Money isn't a problem, I'm more concerned about the health risks

I really want perfect teeth, never had them. Do they chip away at my teeth to make them look perfect? I don%26#039;t want to hurt my normal teeth.

I want movie star teeth. I know it will cost. Money isn%26#039;t a problem, I%26#039;m more concerned about the health risks
It depends on what you do. If you just whiten them, it is harmless. If you get veneers or crowns they do have to grind down and shape the teeth so that the veneers or crowns can go over them. Veneers are less invasive, they are like a fake fingernail. They just grind a little off the front surface (millimeters). For a crown though your teeth will be shaped down into a peg shape so the crowns will fit perfectly and stay on. Id go for veneers if it were me. good luck!!
Reply:your probably looking at veneers ... and they are costly ... I%26#039;ve heard they look nice but not very stable .. the best thing to do is look into braces and whitening ... and fix the ones that can%26#039;t be corrected.
Reply:If money isn%26#039;t a problem, call your dentist.. Today, they can fix any and everything. Your teeth can be as white and as straight as you want with veneers. And it doesn%26#039;t take long either.

Veneers don%26#039;t usually require much drilling just impressions. But if you have teeth that have cavities and are not straight it will take a little longer and crowns might be needed.

If you have the money, you can look like a movie star in no time!!!
Reply:well if you have had braces then...Don%26#039;t worry your teeth are never gonna be perfect!

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