Thursday, April 16, 2009

Will my teeth look crooked?

I have pretty much close to being perfect teeth they have never been crooked at all...And i was wondering my dentist said i didnt have %26quot;enough%26quot; room for my wisdom teeth and id need them out when i was about 16.

Ok so this is my question

Will my teeth shift to the point of looking bad on the top and bottom?

((I asked this awhile back but i dont think i was clear enough so i%26#039;m asking again..=D))

Will my teeth look crooked?
It might or it might not happen...depends on how big your jaw is..and the ratio between your jaw size to that of your teeth..if your dentist says you will have to have the wisdom teeth out,you probably will have to do so coz they will get impacted-they will not come out fully coz they do not have enough space to-which can lead to a whole lot of other dental to the rest of your teeth getting crooked..there is a small possibility of them getting misaligned when the wisdom teeth erupt..
Reply:Yes, when the come in they can oush your other teeth out of position and you will have a jacked up grill.
Reply:sorry boo you gots to recognize that you *** is gonna get old and yo toofeses is gon be tow the **** up


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